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    Project Construction Director


    Urgently needed

    A minimum of Twenty (20) years’ overall construction experience with a minimum Ten (10) years experience in planning and managing construction of major international/regional Roads, Infrastructure and Drainage projects at a senior level.

    Preferably a Chartered Civil Engineer or PE, although this is not essential if a track record of delivering successful Roads projects can clearly be demonstrated. The Project Construction Director shall have undergone the H&S Training course “IOSH-Managing Safely” or any appropriate equivalent and possess the relevant certificate.
    Appointed as a Director within the contractors organization with at least the last Five (5) years, or having been employed in a similar position and level of seniority in a comparable organisation for at least the last five (5) years.

    The Project Construction Director must have demonstrable experience of managing major Roads, Infrastructure and Drainage projects at this level. Excellent communication and negotiation skills shall be essential, plus a full understanding of authority objectives for delivering the project. For the purpose of this contract, the contractors project director is deemed to have authority for authorisation of all financial submissions and payments on behalf of his company and for allocation of staff to the project as necessary.


    Be fully conversant with, and have extensive practical experience of, the Applicable Codes and Standards, specifications and procedures applicable to the Works;

    Have proven ability to manage projects of similar size and nature and to deliver completed quality work on time and within budget;

    Have proven ability to work cooperatively and effectively with a wide variety of interests / authorities;

    Be fully computer literate and able to utilize computer technology to access data, maintain records, generate reports, etc. and in particular any project specific engineering and construction relevant software;

    Be fluent in the English language, both written and spoken (unless expressly stated in the Contract Documents for any particular Position), with an excellent capability in written technical skills as well as oral and written communication skills;

    Be full time personnel based in the State of Qatar and available at Site during normal working hours;